Saturday, November 11, 2017

Introducing Book+Main Bites

I’m part of a fantastic group of authors who are publishing some of our written work on a new and exciting platform called Book+Main Bites. It’s a place where romance readers can follow new and favorite authors, discover new books and share favorites! The site is content-based, which means no teaser or sale graphics. No "BUY ME NOW!" No algorithms. No learning what's on everyone's mind. It’s 100% content in the form of excerpts and bonus scenes (bites).  The authors are the content creators and the readers are the curators. It's a way to deliver stories in their purest form and get them in the hands of new readers.  It's FREE to readers.  So, readers if you haven't yet set up your free account, do so today.

After you join, please follow me @charsharp.
Learn how to use Book+Main Bites from this fan-made B+M Bites YouTube Tutorial from My Own Bookshelves. Warning: Check the volume. 😊
Learn more @bookandmain on Facebook.
Check out Author B.L. Berry's easy to understand How To Use Book+Main.

Don't forget to follow me @charsharp after you are all set up. We absolutely should be friends over there and help each other out. Book+Main Bites

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